Makes websites fast, secure & easy to deploy.

What is Staticly?

Staticly is an enterprise-level hosting solution developed specifically for open source websites. Staticly makes WordPress and Drupal websites fast, secure and easy to deploy.

At Staticly our aim is to allow you to enjoy all the strengths of open source without having to worry about its weaknesses. Our patent pending technology transforms your insecure WordPress or Drupal site into a highly optimised and secure version ready for the world to consume.

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Do you feel the need for speed?

Everyone wants their websites to be as fast as possible, right? But sometimes getting the most out of a WordPress or Drupal website can put pressure on the servers and database, critically impacting load times. Staticly's unique technology transforms your complicated, resource- heavy CMS into a highly optimised, super fast site that your customers will love.


Security should never be left to chance

What makes open source powerful is also one of its biggest weaknesses. Being 'open' means WordPress and Drupal attract a whole lot of unwanted interest from hackers and other nefarious individuals. Staticly separates your CMS from your public-facing website, closing the door to unwanted advances that can end up taking your website down. It also eliminates any vulnerabilities in PHP, MySQL or your OS, giving you extra peace of mind.


One-click deployment

Editing on live might be okay for small companies and simple changes. But if you're serious about your content authoring process, you know that it's too easy for mistakes to go live, or worse still, to go unnoticed. At Staticly we have created an enterprise-level content authoring process for your WordPress and Drupal CMS sites. Our system enables non-technical stakeholders to collaborate, edit and review changes on a separate version of the site. Once these changes are approved internally, a non-technical site administrator can deploy using Staticly's "one-click deployment" technology. It's that simple. No need to raise tickets with your IT department and no need to hire developers. Just click one button to deploy your content at will, and our system takes care of the rest.

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